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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy also known as colon irrigation or colonic irrigation.

Colon Hydrotherapy room

Comfortable colon hydrotherapy room
no mess, no smell

The treatment takes upto 60 minutes and uses warm water to gently flush the bowel of toxins and compacted waste.


  • One colonic — Only $109 (First appointment upto 75 minutes)
  •  One colonic followed by a Coffee Enema  — $139

Neeraj the Colon hydrotherapist, is with you throughout the treatment to control the pressure and temperature while at the same time checking with you to make sure that you are as relaxed and comfortable as possible. If there are any concerns, these can be discussed with you during and/or after the treatment. Book an appointment now with EzyBook!

It should be understood that the body works holistically, i.e. all body systems work together to support the body as a whole, therefore other areas of balance in your life such as nutrition may also be discussed.

I am getting very good results with the Dotola as it is a much more relaxing experience for you, the client, with very little anxiety or worries. No mess, no smell, just so much more comfortable all round.

In clinic now I have a Dotola Toxygen Colon therapy machine. It is FDA approved, has three filters and is much smaller in size compared to the original. All previous clients have commented how this new machine is much gentler than the previous colon hydrotherapy machine I was using. The inlet hose is much smaller and therefore taking the water in more comfortably for the client.

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