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Colon Hydrotherapy


Sunflower Therapies is proud to be the only clinic in NZ that has both closed and open systems for Colon Hydrotherapy treatments. We believe that each one of us have different challenges in our health journey and therefore will have different requirements. You have the option to have a therapist in the room who will give you nutritional and lifestyle advice as well as an abdominal massage (closed system). Or you can be in complete privacy where a therapist will initially set you up and you can do a self-managed colon hydrotherapy treatment (open system) while you are listening to your own music or meditation. Treatments can take anywhere between 20 – 30 minutes depending on each client’s state of health and stage of detoxification.  We use warm ultra-filtered water to gently flush the bowel of toxins and compacted waste. Colon Hydrotherapy is sometimes referred to as a colonic or colon cleanse.

Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment on DOTOLO Machine – Closed System (As per the image below)

Colon Hydrotherapy room

Our Dotola Toxygen Colon therapy machine (closed system) is very gentle and is operated by our Colon Hydrotherapist who is with you throughout the treatment to control the pressure and temperature ensuring that you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.  This treatment is recommended if you are requiring a therapist to be present for the entire session of Colon Hydrotherapy. 


  • $169 First time Colonic Initial consultation & colonic (Includes Abdominal Massage, Nutritional Advice, Life Coaching)
  • $139 Follow-up Colonic (Includes Abdominal Massage, Nutritional Advice, Life Coaching)
  • $169 Colonic + Coffee Enema (Ultrafiltered coffee is introduced after colonic for liver detoxification)
  • $569 First 4 DOTOLO Colonics  (Paid in full at 1st initial consult visit)
  • $539 Next 4 DOTOLO Colonics  (Paid in full)

Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment on HydroDetox Machine – Self managed Open System (As per the image below)

Our HydroDetox Colon therapy machine (open system) is the state-of-the-art in colonic machines. It has many safety features while allowing you to fully control your treatment in your own privacy. This treatment is recommended for those of you who enjoy privacy during your Colon Hydrotherapy treatment and would rather self manage throughout your session.  You will still have an initial consultation with a therapist who will answer questions, set you up to do the self-managed treatment but also be available at anytime during the treatment if required when you ring the alarm button.


  • $149 New Client First Colonic Initial consultation + Self managed colonic session 
  • $119 Existing Client Colonic Self managed colonic session session
  • $469 First 4 HydroDetox Colonics  (Paid in full at 1st initial consult visit)
  • $499 Next 4 HydroDetox Colonics (Paid in full)

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It should be understood that the body works holistically, i.e. all body systems work together to support the body as a whole, therefore other areas of balance in your life such as nutrition and lifestyle may also be discussed.

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