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“When I first came to see Neeraj my body and digestive system were in a terrible state. I’d spent the last ten years in and out of hospital and at various specialists trying to get on top of my food intolerances, IBS, endometriosis and PCOS. I’d also just gone through 6 months of unsuccessful fertility treatment and hadn’t naturally had a period in over 6 years. I’d had two colonoscopies and the doctors were convinced nothing was wrong with my body and continued to suggest medication to try and improve my symptoms. Knowing that mainstream medication hadn’t worked in the past I was determined to get my body functioning naturally. After trying absolutely everything (nutritionists, naturopaths, juice cleanses, acupuncture…you name it) I was still struggling (unable to eat without pain, sleepless nights with bloating, days of constipation, hot flushes and random onsets of diarrhoea). I went to see Neeraj after doing some research on colon cleanses and told him that I was getting married in 5 months and wanted to be fixed (this initially was a bit of a joke and I had no expectations). But Neeraj took it very seriously as his mission and cleared out my system – finding stones and parasites. After working with me to kill these off and patiently putting all of the pieces together I’m the healthiest I’ve been my whole life. I’m going toilet every morning, I’m hardly experiencing discomfort, I’m sleeping through the night and my periods have returned naturally – something doctors told me would never happen again. I had given up – and Neeraj gave me hope. I feel emotionally, mentally and physically stronger for it and couldn’t be happier. Having a healthy and functioning gut really is the foundation for good health. Neeraj stuck with me and worked to find answers, there were times when I wanted to quit the process – but he kept me grounded and coached me throughout the entire journey. I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me! He’s an incredible professional who goes above and beyond for his clients. Emma 25 years – Hamilton (Jan 2017) “At 60yrs old I wanted to enjoy life physically, emotionally & spiritually…. but I knew I wasnt and blamed all the external elements in my life…. I had heard of such therapies (colonic therapy, hydrotherapy etc). Initial thoughts of how that would occur seemed rather invasive of ones dignity and a bit scary too, all the things that could go wrong is frightening and mind boggling. I felt better and healthy so why would I want to participate in something so invasive? Truth is on the surface I was and most days I was happy, the operative word being (most days)….. so therefore there was many days I just was not happy so what was holding me back? One day I pondered on this and thought maybe inside I’m not as healthy as I thought & my system was the thing that held me back…. specifically my internal parts were struggling to do their job after years of neglect (not abuse as I had always tried to be healthy). This in turn held me back and how could I think of improving my thinking without being at my best physically (internally well & clean).  If I think of my body as a house (whare tapa wha model) I need to clean house to be well again. I looked up therapies & came across ‘Sunflower Therapies’, made contact and thankfully got in straight away…. My first session I felt comfortable and relaxed, the process was explained very well and I was treated with the utmost care and dignity, never once feeling I was at risk emotionally, physically or spiritually.  It was quite an emotional experience and I felt like a window had opened with the sun warming me to the depth of my soul. I went on for a further 4-5 sessions and with each I have had a tremendous amount of release physically and emotionally.  I swear by this process being a spiritual experience above all.  My mind is much clearer and I now am much more in tune with my physical needs in the sense of nourishment for my system.  My metabolism has greatly improved and I have seen a shift in weight (yay) but the emotional improvement has been life changing for me. Nareej is the best and I value his talks on life, and how we need to adjust our perspectives for gains in positive wellness, these gentle talks have been empowering throughout the process. Jacqui – Hamilton (January 2017) “I Have Lyme Disease. I chose to embrace a holistic path to health. As lyme loves a toxic environment, a huge part of this approach to recovery has been a detox (and a need to remove these chelating agents from my body). I have, therefore, spent two hours of every week for the last ten weeks with Neeraj of Sunflower Therapies. And the reason. Colonics! Any apprehensions I may have had about the process (or a male therapist) evaporated within the first five minutes of my vey first visit – Neeraj made me feel at ease. I also love that Neeraj joined with me in my Quest to remove any traces of toxins from the “dark recesses of my digestive system”. Not only did I have a thorough and cleansing colonics but I also had an opportunity to talk about the wonders of the human body (and what might assist mine in the healing process). We also discussed the benefits and delights of different foods and eating styles. I appreciated Neeraj’s humour and wisdom (Be warned – Neeraj can tell a lot from the state of your poop!) I will definately be revisiting Sunflower Therapies. And if you’ve been thinking about this too – I’d seriously encourage you to do so. Karen – Thames (Nov 2016) “I have had a colonic irrigation every week for a month including two coffee enemas. Each week has been a deep and powerful process of releasing old beliefs and fears connected to my lower chakras and heart. Neeraj has been a wonderful support and with his life coaching skills and his own life experience he has been the perfect person for me. I highly recommend using Neeraj if you wish to maximise the effects and effectiveness of this form of treatment on your health and wellbeing. Luka’an – Taupo (Oct 2016) “I was recommended to Sunflower Therapies by a friend and while I was initially apprehensive about the process, I could not recommend the services of Sunflower Therapies more. Quite simply, it has been a transformative experience. When I met Neeraj, he immediately put me at ease – he is kind, patient and approachable, eliminating any nerves I felt towards the therapy itself, as well as having a male therapist. He is very knowledgeable and informative about all areas of health and gave me a wealth of advice ranging from diet and lifestyle to meditation and how to live your best life. My tiredness has completely gone and I have far more energy. My skin is glowing – something that my friends and family have commented on – and what’s more, the cellulite that has stubbornly stuck with me for years has diminished significantly. I wish I’d discovered Neeraj year’s ago – he would have certainly saved me a fortune on cellulite creams to say the least! I cannot recommend Neeraj enough and I will continue to see him. Sharon – Hamilton “I began colon hydrotherapy after a very dedicated 2 year healing journey sparked by the last mainstream GP I saw telling me I would have to learn to live with my symptoms as many other people learn too. My journey included a very strict gut healing diet and various other natural remedies although all of this was helping to overcome the un-diagnosable autoimmune disease nothing was giving me the fix I hoped to find. After discussing with the holistic G.P I see the benefits of colon hydrotherapy I decided to suck it in and after years of thinking about it to give it a try. Well……all my thoughts of the possible smells; the awkwardness of having someone investigating that area of my body, the possible discomfort’s and well my fears of the unknown were quickly overcome upon meeting Neeraj and having my first colonic which had a definite positive had a healing effect. I quickly booked another three and after the 3rd decided to try a coffee Enema. It was after beginning the coffee enema and making this a regular part of my healing regime I began to notice a difference. My symptoms were less intense and my general vitality was increasing, I had a lot of emotional releases after therapy sessions and people began to comment how white the whites of my eyes had become – a true indication of the positive effects the therapy was having, I continued to go 3 x a week for around 2 months and then dropped down to twice a week which I have maintained for the last 3 months my holistic GP and osteopath passed comment about how well I was and how whatever I was doing was definitely working well. I feel that the colon hydrotherapy along with Neeraj’s homeopathy has been an integral part of my healing and I have turned a corner that no other therapy alone had achieved. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Neeraj during this time and have found his company a pleasure, we have wonderful discussions on various topics, this along with his great sense of humour makes the sessions pass quickly. Neeraj is an extremely professional practitioner with an admirable passion in his search to help others find wellness. He is kind, caring and very approachable with an amazing want for knowledge. I will continue this therapy once or twice a week for as long as I feel this therapy continues to have benefit to me and am enjoying Neeraj’s homeopathy consults and Ayervadic massages also. Abby – Hamilton “My Colonic Therapy Journey – Before writing this I had so much to share and couldn’t stop writing my experiences. I decided to keep it short and to the point. Relating with the therapist was important; I found Neeraj to be very respectful, honest and intuitive. I admit I wasn’t one of his easiest clients to work with as I found it difficult to let go of storage in my colon. Neeraj convinced me this is a natural process for the human anatomy and try not to hold back. This was very difficult for me. The more I tried to hold and control I felt discomfort. When I slowly started to release and let go, the benefits with cleansing the colon is incredible. I’m sleeping better, I feel good and I’m making executive decisions what I consume for my colon. Too much rewana bread no good for my puku. I’m still learning and amazed with the results with my health and wellbeing. I wish you well on your journey and highly recommend Neeraj. Mauri Ora Nellie – Ngaruawahia “Thank you Neeraj, you are great. All my preconceived ideas about a male performing a colonic were completely unfounded. I feel completely at ease and I have already felt a huge improvement in my overall health” SK – Hamilton ‘I’ve done numerous liver and gallbladder flushes during the last year – some without any colonics at all, some with a colonic before and some with a colonic after. The difference though in having a colonic both before AND after the flush is amazing, and that’s what I’ll be doing from now on. I had more energy during the flush, which was also easier to manage, and felt I was back to normal much faster.’ MM – Hamilton “I had severe constipation for 2 years despite trying every natural and pharmaceutical laxative I could find. Nothing worked! I had bloating, discomfort and was very tired. Then I heard about colon hydrotherapy. After two treatments, a week apart, I became regular again and my energy returned. Whenever any of my friends have a health complaint, I suggest they have a colonic first!” – Maggie   … see more testimonials

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