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Neeraj Duggal

Neeraj Duggal Naturopath

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Neeraj is a qualified Classical Homeopath and Natural Therapist with over 15 years of clinical experience. His passion for Homeopathy and Natural Therapies has enabled him to leave his well-established career in Chartered Accountancy. He is a well-respected Homeopath and Natural Therapist in the Waikato and has been a lecturer at Wintec. Through his Clinic of Homeopathy, he has promoted Homeopathic education for the community, first aid courses and established a centre for working alongside other Natural Health professionals. Neeraj has a vision to promote homeopathy as a gentle and very effective form of treatment for all age groups including mother and baby, which complements the mainstream health care.

“I have been Susanna’s (previous owner) colleague for the last 8 years practicing Homeopathy and Natural Therapies. Last year, I needed to have a colonoscopy for a bowel problem. Instead of taking mainstream laxatives and enema to prepare my bowel for the colonoscopy, Susanna suggested I have a Colon Hydrotherapy session with her. I admit I was once very apprehensive about Colon Hydrotherapy but needless to say, in just 3 treatments my bowel felt so much better and I can truly say that it transformed my life! So much that I bought the business off her!! I feel so much more energetic, free from any bloating and so happy to have a healthy bowel. I’m excited about providing this service to others having experienced it myself. Colon Hydrotherapy will also complement other services I offer such as Homeopathy, Neuromuscular Therapies and Massage and Life-Coaching. I hope to see you very soon at Sunflower Therapies …..”


  • Diploma Natural Therapies and Complementary Medicine
  • Diploma of Homeopathy (RCHom),
  • Massage – Neuromuscular Therapist, 
  • Reflexologist,
  • Life Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner.

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