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On your next visit check out our quality range of health products

On your next visit check out our quality range of health products

Sunflower Therapies has a range of high quality health products for sale some of which are only accessible to health practitioners.

We have good quality vitamins and minerals. Anything that is not in store can be ordered in for you.

liquid c.fwLiquid Chlorophyll: One of Susanna’s favourite products.  Perfect for those not getting enough greens.  Great for increasing the alkaline level in the body and many clients have found it to be a great menstrual normaliser.   I have tried cheaper versions but there was very little change, unlike the Chlorophyll here. 500ml – $50 — 1 tablespoon is equal to 1kg of vegetables – just 1 tablespoon per day is all it takes.

formula.fwZinc Liquid Formula: Ask for a Zinc test on your next visit for no extra charge. If you are low in Zinc, liquid will be the most easily absorbed into the body. High stress, poor diet or infection can drain the body of zinc. Zinc can be effective in assisting with recurrent infections, anorexia, poor appetite, poor sense of taste and smell, eczema, acne and other skin problems, hair loss, low sex drive, infertility, high cholesterol, behaviour and emotional disorders. Phytates in the grains and legumes found in breads and pasta bind with zinc so that it cannot be absorbed making deficiency more likely. Increase fish, mushrooms, nuts and seeds and decrease flour/wheat based products. 200mls – $29.00

zinc.fwProbiotics: Why are you unwell? Could it be that the balance of good and back bacteria in your gut is not correct? The good bacteria in your gut help you to digest your food, make certain nutrients that you cannot make yourself and they even help maintain your immunity. There is a selection of probiotics with different strains of bacteria for specific needs. These cover skin conditions, inflammatory conditions, for use after anti-biotics or oral contraceptive, candida/thrush and IBS. – $45.50 to $63.50Probiotics come in tablet or powder form.

epsom salts

Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts:  Ideal for Epsom Salt baths and/or soaking your feet after a long day.  Also used in Liver Gall Bladder Flushes.   Much better quality Epsom Salts than found in your supermarket. $5 – 340gms
Ask at Sunflower Therapies for special recipes.

bach.fwBach Flowers: A very gentle no fuss way to work on your emotions helping you to focus on what is important to you right now by removing the haze. These are made up in the clinic specifically for you, the individual.  All natural energy essences.  

KiwiKitz Complete Colon Cleanse

KiwiKitz Complete Colon Cleanse

We stock a fabulous range of New Zealand made herbal products (Kiwikitz).They come in liquids, creams and capsules. They are effective, easy to use and best of all, affordable. The Complete Colon Cleanse is great to use alongside the Colonics to help with constipation issued.

Available only to practitioners Pacific Health offer a good source of supplements and homeopathic remedies.
To follow up from the Matrix Evaluation Test Pacific Health has excellent detox programmes with the individual in mind – the results have been amazing. Heel Detox Kit is one of the main detox products used.

Detox Clay has proven itself to be a great detoxifyer, drawing toxins to it and passing it through the bowel and out of the body.



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