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Detox/Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Massage is a proven way to release tension in your muscles and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Sunflower Therapies Massage provides a massage service that complements our other detoxing therapies to leave the body and mind feeling free of pain, stress and toxins. Our therapist, is both well experienced and qualified and brings their special skills and knowledge to help you to recover and improve your quality of life.  Each massage therapy is tailored to your specific muscular needs and concerns with a focus on providing you with the best hands-on technique for your body.  This can vary from a deep-tissue massage, trigger point therapy, long smooth gliding strokes,  rhythmic and flowing strokes, ayurvedic techniques, kneading, light brushing to firm pressure. 

A Detox/lymphatic drainage massage is a specialized massage that uses a combination of deep tissue then gentle sweeping strokes to promote lymph to drain into the lymph nodes. This massage assists in improving lymphatic circulation, removes toxins from tissues and reduces swelling in joints. This massage is great for detoxifying the entire body and improves your immune system.

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