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Can I have a colonic while I have my period?

Yes, as this will not interfere with your cycle, in fact it may help you clear more toxins from your body.  If however, you experience heavy periods then you may prefer to wait until it has finished.

Is it painful?

No, it is not painful. However, some people experience some slight discomfort while hardened, compacted waste is being released through a restricted area of the bowel. Follow-up treatments are less uncomfortable. I have a great imagination and was quite worried about what I was in … Continue reading

What system do you use?

The system I use is a Closed System, meaning that everything is contained within the hoses, therefore there is no smell or mess. The machine used is a Dotola from the States.  The treatment uses purified water to stimulate the colon to defecate naturally. The effect of hydrating and moistening … Continue reading