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Understand your gut health?

Matrix Evaluation Test

This test will give you an understanding of your gut health. If you have recurring gut problems then this would be a great idea for you. This will determine which of the Detox programmes is the correct one for you.  Please make sure you follow the guidelines below before coming in for the tests. This is very important to get the correct reading for you.

matrix001Matrix Evaluation Test:

  • $30 as a separate half hour session, or
  • $20 when combined with another service e.g. [at the same time] one colonic and one test.

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Prior to test abstain from:

  • Alkaline/Filtered water for 48 – 72 hours prior
  • Supplements for 24 – 48 hours prior
  • Coffee for 3 hours prior
  • Food for 2 hours prior
  • Water/Fluids for 1 hour prior
  • 24 hours before test:
    • you should not have bleeding gums
    • no excessive alcohol consumption
    • and avoid unusually high protein meals
  • Also, ladies, the test must be at least four days away from your period.
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