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Allicin Powder

The heart of garlic Garlic contains geranium, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc, plus vit A, B & C. Sunflower Therapies stocks Allicin Max $55 (90 capsules) Perfect for any hint of coughs, colds, flu, ezcma, herpes and cold sores Alliin and Allinase … Continue reading

Oscar DA 1000 Juicer

Oscar DA 1000

Sunflower Therapies is a stockist of the ‘next generation’ Oscar Juicer – Oscar  DA 1000. An Oscar juicer is superior to all other centrifugal and single gear juicers. The new Oscar DA 1000 juicer is the latest Oscar Juicer. It can perform a multitude of tasks including juicing, … Continue reading

Ionised Alkaline Antioxidant Purified Water

We stock the Ionza Alka Jug – ionised alkaline antioxidant purified water from this jug is: alkaline antioxidant mineralising great-tasting refreshing clear Many common health issues resulting from excess acidity in the body can be relieved by regular consumption of alkaline water

Detox programme

Detox can can support you during: Chronic disorders Poor general health Allergies Obesity Infertility Skin disorders After exposure to pollutants Book in at Sunflower Therapies to do a Matrix Evaluation Test to find out the level of gut dysbiosis (gut health) which determines which Detox programme is … Continue reading

Personal EMF protectors

Personal EMF protectors and energy balancing to de-stress your life are stocked by Sunflower Therapies.   Check out our range of product during your next visit to Sunflower Therapies in Hamilton New Zealand The two pictures (right) represent a test done on a male subject … Continue reading